This is Ms. Dryg's TCM2:Macromedia class.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Project 10

Already finish the project ... it was one of the longest flash media i have done. still need some improvement but it is fine as amatuer work. anyone can view the flash by going to my school web site in the flash animations link

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Project #11: Politcal cartoon reflections

Visit this website:
Choose two cartoons to copy and paste into a webpage linked to your class page, link should read 'blog 11 writing'.
For each cartoon comment on the topic, what the underlying message is in the cartoon, and what your opinion on teh cartoon is. Here's a sample(coming soon).

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Haiku Project

I liked the Haiku project actualy because i use the animations of the katamari ball form the ps2 video game katamari damacy ... it was short but it have all the things in the flash !!

Friday, May 05, 2006

blogg 7 by the hairy kid

I found mike carbone's hikoooooooooooooooooooooo cool, the animation was nice which included a shape tween and a couple of motion tweens. The poem was also nice and fit perfectly with the animation

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Project 7

Photo Movement -
I didnt really think what I would have been choosing to do the photo movement project because considering the fact that I wasnt really good in Macromedia Flash. I just really chose any picture that looked interesting and then decided to use it. In this project, I used the lasso tool and learned how to do a special effect in it so I can make the soldiers arm to move.

3D Project - For the 3D project, I was kind of getting how to work Flash. So I tried my best at it. And I made a balloon, stick figure and basketball looking figure. I made the background look like its raining and I made the balloon to join it because it looked cool with the balloon going into the sky when it was raining. The rest of things I made up was to make the place look busy. I used the transformation effects and the rotation tool in this project .

Path Movie - When I did this movie, I got to say I finally knew all of the things I was supposed to know in Flash. But I didnt have much time to finish off so I just put in up before the marking period ended. When I put up a road with a truck on it because I like driving and trucks. And then I put some birds in the sky to put some feeling and alive into the image to make it look close to a movie. I used the motion guide tool to do this. This is probably my favorite out of all I did, but I did have other I liked like the first two I did in class, but because my laptop stopped working, I couldnt have uploaded it.

Evaluation of Alkeia

Sup alkeria, your boi joseph, here again for the last and 1st time, leaving you some hot new topic to think bout, well you do act like a smarty and all but on the flip side, YOU're not!!!....NAh, JUST a good friend and a smart one too, u aint help me with my work and I'm mad bout that but then again you're my, do your work alkeia...wurd!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Photoshop Assignment#7: Reflective Writing

Raul E. Lopez

Artists and scholars are often asked about their process. Please compose a short paragraph on each movie page that describes your thought process and Flash skills used in creating each movie. This is like a journal entry, so there is no right or wrong; just no cursing please.
For example:
  • Why did you pick or draw the image that you did?
  • Does it remind you of something familiar, from your own life?
  • Did you see it before somewhere?
  • Is it something you are interested in or not?
  • Do you want to know more about it?
  • What tools and/or skills did you need to learn in Flash to do the project?
Hummer Movie:There was not really too much of a thought process here I just wanted to be able to animate the Hummer moving back and forth and be able to make the hummer flip, in a way I like the as I like to call it "crippledness" of this movie because it is so amateur(think I spelled that wrong) looking that it is kind of funny. I added the bomb named as FIDEL as an inside joke to anyone who knows me and Fidel. I had to learn to create a motion tween and how to make symbols, and also how to transform a symbol for the movie.

Broly Basketball Movie: This move I really had fun working with, I can count this movie as my perspective movie and also as my spinning movie because of how I animated the ball. I wanted to use Brolly to shoot the basketball, because he is known for being very powerful and destructive, so that is why when I had him launch the ball I put the picture of the moon crashing into the Earth. I think it is funny because of how exaggerated the impact of the ball to the hoop was. It reminds me of Dragonabll Z because I used Brolly, who is a character from Dragonball Z. I had to learn how to make an object spin, or a symbol rather, and since it is my perspective movie also, I made the ball smaller as it went farther away, so that is another thing I had to learn to make this movie.

John Cena You cant See me Movie: There was not really a thought process in this one because of the fact that John cena was one of the only things I could think of being able to animate quickly and efficiently enough for this image animation move. All I really had to learn was how to move a layer of the image and make it spin around its origin, and transform it to be able to move it in a certain place. I like this movie because John Cena's hand goes flying off later in the movie, I did that to make the movie look "crippled".

Monday, May 01, 2006

Evaluation of Armen

I really appreciate armen's work, he interested me with his humor which he incorporated into his flash animations. Along with his Flash intellect i can immediately tell by simply watching one video that he is a proflashenal...professional at flash. He and his awesome awesomeness, and muscles, are capable of such amazing Flash work, touche Armen!

Well most of my projects are trying to take an amusing or at least an entertaining perspective while still trying to accomplish the goal of the project.

car movie- Well, my original was deleted but overall, the remake I did was rather funny in my opinon although I did feel bad for the bird.

ball movie- In the example we learned we used a all with a smiley face, so I stuck withthat and made it roll along a road and had the little guy sqiushed by a weight.

animated movie- hmm well I randomly found a picture of a baby and wanted to make it talk but I ended up simply making it be a creepy baby with fangs. :D

perspective movie- This movie was originally just the birds and the road, but Ms. Drygg told me to put more, so I put someone in a car being taken away, meh, it was still funny.

Evaliation of Veronica

I evaluated Veronica and liked her movies because they are organized and well animated. My favorite movie is her spinning movie.

Evaluating Veronica

I evaluated Veronica and I liked her movies because they are complete and she has good animation. My favorite movie is the spinning movie.l